Here is a selection of testimonials from owners of our cats about the hypoallergenic nature of their pets:

"I must admit that I'd always questioned if Siberians were hypoallergenic. That was until I picked up my kitten Katia from you. I and my daughter, who is highly allergic, drove home 12 hours with Katia. When she got to crying we put her on our laps. My daughter sneezed only once in that 12 hours. As soon as she walked in the door and started snuggling my other cat she immediately went on a sneezing jag, sneezing about 20 times in a row. Yes! I DO have a truly hypoallegenic cat. And my husband and I both love being able to sleep with her, without his asthma being set off."

"Hi Maria,
Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how happy we are with CH Cica Cosmo Kurosawa (Black Smoke). I have suffered from cat allergies all of my life, then I fell in love with a cat person. We now have 4 Siberians yet I suffer no more. We have 2 silver tabby girls, Cosmo (male) who is a Black Smoke/Silver and a brown mackerel tabby girl. There is no difference for me and the colors of the Siberians. They do not induce any allergic reaction for me. I can’t thank you enough for allowing Cosmo in our lives, he is an amazing cat, with a fantastic personality.
Phill […]"

"I would like to let you know about my allergy/asthma experience in connection with Siberian kitties. My allergist diagnosed me with a cat allergy and asthma many years ago. I began taking the allergy shots, antihistamines and using inhalers. At the time, I had a long haired mixed breed kitty. I had to bathe this kitty weekly to avoid allergic reactions, but still I had itchy eyes and numerous sinus infections as a result of the allergic reaction. After this kitty passed on, I researched allergies to cats and found that not all cats are allergenic to people with diagnosed cat allergies. The Siberian breed was noted for being non-allergenic to most people. Then I visited Maria and played with her house full of Siberian kitties and did not have any type of allergenic reaction. Now I have four Siberian kitties sharing my home and I haven't had any allergenic reactions or asthma flare-ups due to the kitties. These kitties just don't have the dander that causes allergy/asthma problems. It has been over 14 years since I brought my first Siberian kitty home and I have not had any allergy/asthma problems or reactions related to kitties in all this time. Life would not be the same without having Siberian kitties all around. I am thankful that Maria continues to offer these special Siberian kitties. I highly recommend that any cat lover with allergies/asthma consider one of Maria's kitties. Besides being hypo-allergenic, they are quite intelligent, loving, playful and intuitive. They are simply wonderful!"
Signed, Lynn […] RN from Ohio

The following testimonial was even translated into Russian and published in the Russian pet magazine Drug ‘Friend’:

"I have suffered with asthma and allergies for over 30 years. My husband and I love cats and after our children were grown and on their own, we wanted the companionship of a cat but it was not possible because of my allergy to cats. I saw on a TV program a veterinarian talking about the Siberian breed of cat and the possibility that people with cat allergies may not be affected by them. I immediately started doing research and looking for a breeder within driving distance to our home.

I found Cica Cattery in Indianapolis, Indiana. Maria Pavlovszky is the breeder and I contacted her. We made an appointment to drive to her cattery and spend time with the Siberians to see if I had any allergic reaction. To my amazement - I did not. We made arrangements to purchase a kitten from the next litter. In the coming weeks we decided to purchase two kittens - sisters.
We have had Zoe and Lizzie now for a little over 2 years and I have suffered no allergy problems. We have other cat allergy sufferers come to our home to "test" and see if our cats cause them any problems and most have gone on to purchase Siberians. We love our "girls" so much and even hate to leave home, as we want to be with our Siberian cats as much as possible. Our life has been so enriched by the Siberians and we now go to cat shows to see other Siberians.

I encourage anyone with cat allergies to get a Siberian.  They are so loving, so beautiful and so worth the effort.
Penny […]"