How to Purchase from Cica Cattery

First of all, we breed only traditional Siberians. None of our regular breeding stock has color point genes anywhere in their pedigrees, going back to the original foundation cats. When we sell cats to breeders, we entertain offers only from those who do not mix traditional Siberians with color points or color-point carriers. We breed cats in the colors we love, including solid black, blue, and black smoke; both classic and mackerel tabbies in blue, black (brown), and silver. We never produce whites, reds, creams, or torties and torbies. Kittens are available at 4 months of age or later. Breeding is of paramount importance to us, and so we reserve the right to keep any kitten for our breeding program. To understand why we insist on keeping kittens until four months of age, read the following page.

If you are interested in getting one of our kittens, the first step is to get on our wait list by filling out the registration form. This requires a $20 non-refundable application fee, which is not credited toward the purchase price. We watch our kittens closely for type, and once it is determined whether a particular kitten is pet quality or show quality, then it is offered to those on the wait list. If you want a kitten offered to you, you can reserve the kitten by sending a $100 non-refundable deposit which does count toward the purchase price. The purchase price varies depending on the quality of the kitten. Our starting price for pet-quality kittens is $1,500 (since January 1, 2022). 

If you are a breeder, read this page before contacting us.

Home Visits

A visit to our home/cattery can be arranged after you have registered for the wait list and paid the $20 fee, together with a non-refundable $100 deposit toward a future kitten purchase. This requirement is designed to identify serious cat buyers. If you merely want to see a couple of my cats but are not planning to buy a kitten, you are welcome to come see me at the next cat show I attend. Just write me to find out when and where that will be.


All cats purchased from the Cica Cattery are registered with TICA. Registration with ACFA and CFA is optional and can be discussed with Maria.

What You Should Receive

When you purchase a pedigreed cat from Cica or any reputable cattery you should receive the following:

• A purchase agreement
• A record of vaccinations given and a full CBC blood chemistry panel done on most cats before vaccination
• A blue TICA registration slip is supplied after you have altered your pet
• A copy of the cat's pedigree (produced by the breeder; you can an official TICA pedigree can be purchased from the cat associations after sending the blue registration slip in).
• A pdf file containing my own selected information on kitten care and food

Shipping of Kittens/Cats

We do not like to ship kittens or cats purchased from Cica Cattery. However, we will do everything possible to travel and meet you at a predetermined location, depending on the distance, or fly with the kitten on board. I strongly prefer to meet the people I sell a cat to.


When you purchase a cat from Cica you will be required to sign a purchase agreement that states you will not have the cat declawed. Declawing is a cruel amputation and it is not practiced anywhere in the world besides the United States. To learn more about declawing, here are some useful links. I suggest that you start with the relevant CFA Guidance Statement and then look at some other web pages with useful information on this point:

Indoor-Only CatsYou are required to keep your Siberian cat indoors, in a secure outdoor enclosure (including a top), or on a leash, harness, or cat stroller. There is too much risk for an outdoor cat. Here is some information on that point:


Maria raises all her kittens on a diet of mostly raw food. If you would like to continue to feed raw food, you can get detailed information in the kitten handout. She recommends you supplement chunked meat (ideally from animals raised on organic pasture or organic feed) with liver (for extra taurine) and finely ground bones and vitamins (which can be purchased from Feline Future or Platinum Performance). If you wish to use canned or dry food, she recommends you choose a brand that is grain-free and has a high protein content. Maria provides detailed information about cat nutrition to those who purchase her kittens. She recommends the book Your Cat by Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM for all kitten buyers. More on-line information is available from: by Lisa A. Pierson, DVM
information on feeding cats provided by the Feline Advisory Bureau

If you wish to mix dry food into your cat’s diet, we use the following brand ourselves and recommend it highly:

Life’s Abundance