Traditional Siberian Cats in Russia

The long road toward world recognition of the Siberian breed began in 1987, when the first cat fanciers' clubs appeared in Russia and controlled breeding was undertaken.  The Siberian standard has been revised and honed by the "Fauna" Cat Fanciers' Club in Moscow, through the painstaking and tedious breeding efforts of O.A. Sizova and T.P. Bobina, by the "Kotofei" Cat Fanciers' Club in Saint Petersburg (previously Leningrad), and with the collaboration of numerous affiliates and spin-offs of these original clubs. The official standard was given final approval on December 4, 1994 at a World Cat Federation (WCF) session attended by delegates from Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (SNG), to which felinologists from other international cat associations were also invited. We have been showing our Siberians before they were accepted in Championship competition in the American associations (they were shown as new breed, new color, miscellanious, provisional).

The five standards used to judge a Siberian cat are:

American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA)
The International Cat Association (TICA)
Cat Fanciers Association (CFA)
World Cat Federation (WCF)
Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe)

Click on the standards above to judge Lizetta Sarzhi and Fawn-Fawn, our two first Siberians imported for the Cica Cattery. They are both Supreme Grand champions at TICA, Grand champions at ACFA and champions at CFA. They participated in the process of the acceptance of the breed in ACFA and CFA with our other cats.
We did lots of showing in the past in the 3 American associations. We have 8 Supreme Grand Champions in TICA, many Grand champions in TICA and ACFA. (see their pictures on the cat show link)

Most of our cats have been brought from Moscow by ourselves from old traditional catteries, we have two rare old lines from Hungary (Meda-Garden) and one from Germany (Schlosspavillion)

Pedigrees for most of our cats can be found in Paw Peds. You can search for any cat by name or, if it is our breeding, search for the prefix "Cica". They are also listed in the Russian Siberian Database.