Young Adults

People sometimes inquire about the availability of adult cats or retired breeders. We have not had great luck with this practice, because the cats are typically very used to our household and often have trouble adjusting to new circumtances. Nevertheless, it is not entirely out of the question to the right person or family. We will only consider this if the new owners live in or close to Indianapolis (so that Maria can visit the cat in the new house to help ease the transition, and to avoid logistical problems if the cat needs to return to our home), and the owners need to be very patient, experienced cat people. The price in such cases would need to be negotiated, based on the age of the cat and the ease or difficulty expected in the cat's adjustment to the new home. If you are interested in exploring any such opportunity, email Maria to ask about it.

In addition, sometimes there is an opportunity for a local family (in or not far from Indianapolis) to foster a breeding mother through childbirth and early kitten months. If you think your family might be interested in this experience, get in touch with Maria by email and see if there is a possibly suitable mother cat.