Information for breeders

We breed only strictly traditional Siberian cats. Our goal is to preserve old traditional lines (new foundation lines can be added) without any compromise. There are many self-identified traditional breeders who produce traditional colored Siberians (not colorpoint or Neva cats). However their pedigrees are not clean, not free of colorpoint cats in the background. Our lines do not have a single colorpoint cat back to foundation. Also we do not have lines related to the most widely used lines from a certain cattery.

We let breeders have our cats with breeding rights only if they are in full agreement with our policy (we have a breeder agreement with all the conditions spelled out) and agree that they will never contaminate our lines with unapproved pedigrees. We mentor our buyers and help in every aspect in the preservation of the traditional Siberian. We work with select breeders in the US and in Europe.